Support (FAQs)

The snow has disappeared for some reason...(ver.1.5.0)

The weather in your backyard may sometimes be affected by the climate of the current season in Japan.
There will be times where snow will fall, sometimes not.
※There is no connection between the real weather and the one in the game.

The [Buy bulk] did not provide discount for me...(ver.1.5.0)

In order to get the discount on bulk purchase, you need to tap the [Buy Bulk] menu with the [15% OFF] voucher on it then purchase it there, not by purchasing one by one.

【iOS】I got fish without inputting the daily password. Is this a bug?

As of iOS 1.2.0 in terms of App Store, you can get fish without inputting the daily password.

Can I transfer my old data to my new device?

There is no official way to transfer the data successfully yet. We're still researching any possible way, but as the size of the data is rather large, we are not sure when we can resolve the issue.

The cats hasn't come since I changed the time on the clock.

[Neko Atsume] is developed to be available even on offline mode, so it synchronizes with the time on your phone.

If the time was set to the future, the cats wont visit until the clock on the device reaches the future time that had been set.

This problem can be avoided by not starting the application when you are changing the time on the clock.
We are attempting to resolve the problem in upcoming updates.

The cats has not visited since I [Remodel] my yard.

If you have chosen [Remodel], everything except the food left will be tidied up entirely. However once you place your goodies, the [Remodel] will record the goodies you have left in it before.

I don't know the borders from indoors to outdoors...

[Classic Style]
[Zen Style]
[Rustic Style]
[Modern Style]

I can't view the pamphlet the cat brought to me...

Sometimes one of the cats bring these pamphlets to you on the upper right side of the [Menu]. This is actually an in-app advertisement so depending on the internet connectivity of your device you might not be able to view it.
※Not viewing will not affect your game.

I bought [Fish] and [Gold Fish] from the shop, but it does not show on the [Goodies] menu!

The [Fish] shown in the shop menu is simply to exchange the amount of [Fish] into [Gold fish] and vice-versa.
[10 Gold fish for 250 Silver fish]
[500 Silfer fish for 10 Gold fish]
[Fish Exchange] and [Gold fish Exchange] are not classified as [Goodies]

Click here for details on [Gold fish Purchase]

There was no new goodies after I updated?

Updates are divided into major updates that includes new goods and/or new cats, and minor updates with bug fixes.

I wonder if this is a glitch/bug?

We kindly ask you to try restarting the device. If the problem is still not solved, please contact us on (

※Please do not uninstall the application as it will wipe out your save data completely.

Please send a mail with the information below included.

■The device you are currently using. (e.g.iPhone6/XperiaZ4)
■Version of the device.
■Version of the application.
※ It should be on the upper left corner of the “Myawloading”screen during the application start-up.
■Please inform us of the detailed symptom.
■Other noticable points.

It would be a great help if you could also provide a screenshot.

・Depending on the inquiries, some might take more time.
Thank you for understanding.

What does Power Lv. do?

Nothing! It's another unique trait the cats have, just like their different personalities.

I can't find the [Album]!

Photos of cat you have taken can be viewed from [Menu]->[Catbook]->[View the cat's profile]->[Album].

I want to delete a photo from the [Album]

Select the photo you want to delete. Tap and hold and a window will pop out to confirm whether you want to delete the photo or not.

How can in-app purchase be made?

In-app purchase of [Gold fish] can be made from the [Shop]->[Buy Gold fish] screen.
50 Gold fish
120 Gold fish
200 Gold fish
300 Gold fish

I bought Gold fish but it didn't show on my screen!

The "Gold fish" you have purchased may take time to be shown on the game screen. Please wait for a few hours and restart your device, then check the "Buy Gold fish" screen again after confirming your connection to the internet.
※ It is not necessary to have you purchase it again. Please be
careful not to re-purchase.

If the amount of the purchased "Gold-fish" is still not updated, we
support the recovery of the amount of“Gold fish” you have purchased.
In this case, please contact us.

- How do I send inquiries about the Application?
- About [Fish exchange]

How do I send the daily password?

Enable your internet connection, then acquire the [Daily Password] from [Menu]->[News].
You can either tap on the [Daily Password] shown above the [News] screen, or input the password manually from [Menu]->[Other]->[Connect].
※The password will not show in offline mode.

I cannot input the Daily Password/ error in recognizing Daily Password.

Please enter the daily password exactly as shown. (Be careful of unneeded spaces)

How do I inquire about the Application?

Send an e-mail to .
Set the subject as [Neko Atsume Support], and please provide us with the following information:

■The device you are currently using. (e.g.iPhone6/XperiaZ4)
■Version of the device.
■Version of the application.
※ It should be on the upper left corner of the “Myawloading”screen during the application start-up.
■Please inform us of the detailed symptom.
■Other noticable points.
■A screenshot of the glitch (Optional, but please do provide one if you can)

Neko Atsume Support
Business hours: 10: 00-17: 00 (excluding weekends and holidays)
Responses may take some time during summer holidays and during the New Year holidays.
Please note that we will respond sequentially from the closing business day.

There was no reply to my inquiry...

If there was still no reply after you've sent the inquiry more than a few times, the reply might have been filtered as spam, or that the domain is set that it was unable to receive the mail we sent you.

Please set your settings to allow [], and send us another inquiry.